Katie has a passion for connecting people. It is her mission to share her talents in order to help others succeed.

As a graduate of the PR program at Guelph-Humber in ’08, and subsequent communications through Athabasca University, Katie was able to turn her vision into tangible results for others using her skills, creativity, and strategic approach to brand and reputation management, business development, and election campaigns.

Katie started her career working for a Member of Parliament in Toronto, ON and quickly grew her client base and connections by creating successful strategies for all levels of government. Since then, she has helped hundreds of people in government, non-profit, and public sector industries turn their visions into strategies for success.

Her methods, strategies, and tactics are available through 1:1 consulting, online learning, in-house training, and conferences. She has total conviction that the traditional way of creating communications strategies is continuously morphing and one must constantly be on a path of re-creation & innovation; no identity is set in stone.

Carrying the drive to help people over to my personal life, Katie is an active community volunteer. Serving others is a key value for her and she demonstrates that through her work with non-profits and charitable organizations.

Katie is a crusader of authenticity both personally and professionally. She is currently working on her first book to discuss and dissect the impact of Military-related PTSD and its effects on immediate family members.