Located in Calgary, Alberta with offices in Edmonton, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia, the Centre for Crisis & Risk Communications builds from the Centre for Risk Management, founded by Mr. David Degagne some 20 years ago. While considering his retirement, Mr. Degagne considered ways in which to continue the legacy of his centre and to further the work of Dr. Vincent Covello and the Center for Risk Communications, New York, NY.

Recognizing his many career achievements in crisis and risk communications, Mr. Degagne and Dr. Covello approached a recently founded crisis communication firm, AMR Communications in early 2019 with an ask of assuming responsibility for the Centre for Risk Management. The Prinipals of AMR have followed the academic and scientific work of Dr. Covello for many years. Benjamin Morgan frequently includes Dr. Covello’s theories and research into all of his course material and teaching at Mount Royal and Royal Roads universities. Benjamin often refers to Dr. Covello as the “God Father of Crisis Communications” and has attended and presented at Dr. Covello workshops and training sessions.

The team at the Centre for Crisis & Risk Communications are so honoured to continue the work of Mr. Degagne and to continue making Dr. Covello’s lessons accessible and relateable to organizations throughout North America. The Centre is supported by an advisory board who provide guidance and advice from academic and communications professionals.

Our Vision:

Every organization is fully prepared to respond to a crisis.

Our Mission:

Providing results-driven communications expertise and tools to help organizations prepare for and respond to a crisis

Our Values:

Transparency, Passion, Safety, Reputation, Professionalism, Collaboration, Learning/Research, Integrity, Authenticity