Crisis Communication Planning

Crisis prevention costs are always a tiny fraction of the losses that are typically incurred as a result of crises for which there had been inadequate preparation.


  • Vulnerability Audits — A multi-disciplinary risk assessment to identify current and potential areas of operational weakness and system flaws that could lead to, or exacerbate, crises. Click here to learn more about vulnerability audits.
  • Crisis Communications Plans — Creation of a response structure and written plan that will guide and optimize reaction to future crises. Our plans have been put to the test by clients around the world.
  • Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) — Determining how you’ll react to emergencies in advance can be the difference between opening your doors the next day or never again. Our emergency planning experts will help prepare your operational response.


Customized plan options or situation-specific plans are available. Please contact our crisis experts today to discuss.

Crisis Response

  • Key message preparation.
  • Preparation of draft and/or final versions of internal and external communications with all of a client’s important audiences, including media (usually “behind the scenes” but on rare occasion serving as the spokesperson for a client).
  • Creation and/or coordination of Internet-based crisis-response activities, to include social media crisis management.
  • The use of online surveys and other tools to get immediate stakeholder perception feedback,  during a breaking crisis, with the option of continuing to monitor perception post-crisis.
  • On- or off-site oversight of client crisis response activities to the extent clients do not have specific capabilities in this area.
  • Situation-specific media and presentation training.
  • Close coordination with legal counsel when litigation or possible litigation is involved, to ensure all tactics and messages are compatible with legal strategy.

Online Reputation Management

Internet-centered services include:

  • Custom strategies to protect and enhance your online reputation.
  • Creating “dark” websites that are hidden from public view but ready to be launched when/if a crisis actually occurs.
  • Rapidly creating and launching incident-specific blogs and/or websites, to include the availability of webmaster services if desired.
  • Training on how to use social media effectively to both prevent and respond to crises.
  • Online review management and repair.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the purpose of reputation management – control what appears when people search your name.
  • Assistance with  “cyberbullies” who seek to damage your good name.
  • Social media crisis management