The team at the Centre for Crisis & Risk Communications is working with two of North Americas leading crisis communication researchers / professors, Dr. Timothy Coombs and Dr. Vincent Covello on a new publication (title, yet to be determined).


The Project: We are interested in creating a text book, focusing on crisis and risk communications from the perspective of those who were accountable for and led the communication efforts on behalf of an organization. There are many texts that feature case studies (reviewing the communication efforts of others). As noted by Dr. Coombs, it is difficult to find a text that is from the perspective of those that led the communications. Our publication will ideally feature 12 – 16 stories shared by crisis communication professionals. Once the stories have been received and edited, Dr. Coombs and members of the team will underpin those stories with theories and principles from academia and research. As an example, “This is a great example of the Negative Dominance Theory and how the communications focused…..”. Dr. Coombs has already been in contact with a publisher who has expressed interest in this project. Additionally, we think it might be fun to conclude the book with a “Choose your own crisis communication adventure” chapter, where readers can make decisions based on prompts, much like the old adventure-style books.


The Outcome: The outcome of this project is ideally a book that would be beneficial to communication and emergency management professionals. It has been suggested that this book could become a supplementary text for many different universities. Additionally, we see an opportunity to develop a crisis communication Master Class as an extension of the book (details to be confirmed).


The Call for Interest: If you are a crisis communication professional and have led communications through a crisis event, significant risk, recovery and are interested in the opportunity to participate in a collaborative project, please complete the form on this page.


*Note: proceeds from any book sales will be donated to an organization that supports crisis events, such as the Red Cross (specifics to be determined).