Vulnerability Audits

To support your organization, we have several vulnerability audit options available to fit your needs, including:

Crisis Document Audits — A simple review of existing client documents related to crisis preparedness and response, such as crisis communications plans, emergency response policies, disaster plans, etc. This low-cost, flat-rate audit includes the creation of a written evaluation with recommendations for improvement.


Executive Session Vulnerability Audits — A single session in which your executive team is led through a series of educational and thought-provoking discussions to uncover and begin to address organizational vulnerabilities that could escalate to crises. Upon completion, you’ll receive a written report of findings and recommendations. The length and scope of an executive session vulnerability audit can be customized to best suit your needs and resources.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Audits (in-person) — A series of interviews with employees at all levels of an organization, each conducted in complete confidence, so that the interviewee feels comfortable disclosing information they might not otherwise discuss. This is often complemented by interviews with representative members of key external audiences and concludes with the preparation and presentation of a comprehensive audit report to the senior management team.


Comprehensive Vulnerability Audits (survey-based) — The same process as with an in-person audit, but, with a time and cost-saving front-end, involving questions delivered via an online survey platform. Still completely confidential, while allowing participants to respond on their own schedule – to include being able to save and return to the survey – and even allowing if/then direction of respondents to certain categories of questions based on their positions/access to different types of information. A demo is available on request.