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Here is the great news, during high-stress and high-concern situations, you do not have to be alone. Through our crisis and risk communication planning processes, we would have discussed the importance of partnerships and helped your organization brainstorm who might be valuable partners for you.

We also have your back. The CCRC team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is accessible by calling 1.888.297.6055. Our team can support you virtually, or in person (recognizing time and travel restrictions). Ask us about retainer agreements.

Emergency Operations Centre support, message creation, social media and media monitoring, social media posting, media relations, coaching, video work, plus so much more – we have even designed and had built 8 X 12’ roadside signs – are services that we support you with during an event.

*Note: when we work with an organization, our role is to provide the
best advice possible based on risk and crisis communications
science and research. The organization’s decision-maker
is ultimately responsible for the approvals and the outcome of any
communication approach or tactic.

The Centre for Crisis & Risk Communication was honoured and pleased to support the Stoney Nakoda Nation with their COVID-19 risk communication. Their efforts, supported by an incredible community, was recognized by the International Association of Emergency Managers – Canada, Community Preparedness Award.

Read the news story by the Calgary Herald, here.


The most successful crisis communication programs remain in a state of regular evolution. Actual events, tabletop, and functional exercises always present the opportunity to identify program strengths and areas of growth.

The CCRC team can conduct a thorough audit of your event and/or exercise to help you identify strengths and areas of opportunity.