Welcome to the Centre for Crisis & Risk Communications

At the Centre for Crisis & Risk Communications, we are “Passionate about Preparedness.”​ Supported by, and following the work of Dr. Vincent Covello, we can help your organization prepare to speak to the unspeakable.


We offer crisis communication consultation, tools, training and workshops. We also specialize in media relations training which will compliment your crisis planning.


We collaborate with multiple organizations when necessary so that you are completely supported through emergency response & business continuity planning, in addition to leadership & management training.

We help organizations be prepared for the
unthinkable, unimaginable, unpredictable, and the unspeakable.

Our Services

Planning & Consulting

We are passionate about preparation. The time to prepare for a crisis is now. We can help your organization identify key areas of risk and develop dynamic communication plans to mitigate risk and prepare for crisis.

Training & Resources

We are passionate about training. The CCRC provides courses, workshops and training sessions based on the work of the world’s crisis communication leader, Dr. Vincent Covello.

Speaking Engagements

A multi-disciplinary risk assessment to identify current and potential areas of operational weakness and system flaws that could lead to, or exacerbate, crises. The scope of a vulnerability audit varies, depending on your preferences and needs.

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