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We are thrilled to share that our online Masterclass with Dr. Vincent Covello is now available for registration. This online Masterclass is divided into 13 modules which follows Dr. Covello’s book, “Communicating in Risk, Crisis, and High Stress Situations”. This course is available with or without a hard copy of Dr. covello’s Cook.  Each course registrations includes”

  • Access to our online learning platform,
  • 13 Chapter summaries,
  • 13 In-conversation with Dr. Covello vidoes,
  • Extra content along the way.

At the Centre for Crisis & Risk Communications, we are “Passionate about Preparedness.”​ Supported by, and following the work of Dr. Vincent Covello, we can help your organization prepare for and respond to crisis events.

We offer crisis communication solutions to support your organization. Our solutions include: crisis & risk communication planning, issues management, plan validation, tabletop exercises, functional exercises, event response, audits, education, training, & coaching, speaking, workshops & conferences.

We have developed strong, collaborative relationships with incredible organizations. Together, we have the ability to completely support your organization through emergency response & business continuity planning, in addition to leadership & management training.

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We Know That The Key To Successful Crisis & Risk Communications Is:


The Centre For Crisis & Risk Communications Has Supported Many Organizations With Their Planning, Preparation, And Execution Of Crisis & Risk Communication Plans. Discover Our Crisis Solutions And How We Can Support You Too!


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Communication Solutions

The Centre For Crisis & Risk Communications Has Supported Many Organizations With Their Planning, Preparation..

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Response Solutions

We continue to support organization, public and private, through issues, and crisis events. If you are facing or imminently facing…

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Education, Training & Workshop Solutions

We love sharing our knowledge, experience, and passion for crisis and risk…