At the Centre for Crisis & Risk Communications, we love the “Rule of Three”. The “Rule of Three” is a principle indicating that information or actions presented in groups of three are inherently more satisfying, persuasive, and easier to remember than other numbers. This seemingly simple cognitive observation has its roots deeply embedded in the neuronal processes of the human brain.

This vlog series, “These Three Things” explores crisis communicator and crisis managers top Three Things on a variety of topics.

Episode 1

The Importance of the Number Three

In Episode 1, we speak with Dr. Vincent Covello, one of the world’s leading authority in crisis and risk communications, and the senior advisor to the Centre for Crisis & Risk Communications. We ask Dr. Covello why he likes the number 3 so much!


The 2023 British Columbia Wildfire Season

In Episode 2, we speak with Fraser Valley Ragional District Manager of Emergency Management, Tarina Colledge. Many parts of Canada experienced a devestating 2023 wildfire season. Join us as we ask Tarina what her three take-a-ways from the most recent wildfire season.


Artifical Intelligence

In Episode 3, we speak with Dr. Timothy Coombs and Rebecca Bultsma about Aritifical Intelligence and 3 things to consider when using an AI generator in crisis communications.


Managing the Human Dimension of Disasters

In Episode 4, we speak with Kjell Brataas, a crisis communicator, emergency manager, and author from Norway. Join us as Kjell shares his Three Things from his book, Managing the Human Dimension of Disasters.


Holiday Tips from Santa Clause

In Episode 5, our Holiday Edition, we speak with the one and only… Santa Clause! Join us as Santa shares his top Three Things people ought to consider for the Holiday season!


Ethics, Integrity, and Apologies

In this Episode, we talk with Dr. Krisitina Drumheller with Texas A&M University. One of her focus areas of research and instruction is centred around Ethics, Integrity, and Apologies. 


Elected Officials in Crisis

In episode 7 of These Three Things, we had a conversation with Benjamin Proulx about the role of elected officials in crises and disasters.