The video below is Benjamin Morgan’s introduction to Crisis Communication planning. Use this video and the Generic Logo Co. template to get you started. Get stuck? We can help!

Click on the image below to download a fictitious crisis communication plan: Generic Logo Co. Crisis Communication Plan. You may use this as an example or template to work from while creating your own crisis communication plan.

Benjamin Morgan’s introduction Crisis Communication planning.


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Dr. Covello Resources

Communication Under Fire

Vincent T. Covello, PhD, Director, Center for Risk Communication of New York City, presented “Communication Under Fire: Focus On Public Health Situations,” from Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH, on April 4, 2003. The National Association of Local Boards of Health presented the 4th Annual Ned E. Baker Lecture in Public Health. This was also sponsored by the: Wood County Hospital Foundation, Cove Charitable Trust of Boston, Northwest Ohio Consortium for Public Health, Western Reserve Geriatric Education Center, & the College of Health & Human Services at Bowling Green State University. This video was distributed to local health departments.


  • Thank you to Royal Roads University for creating and sharing this video. Several months after (at the time) the costliest natural disaster and largest peacetime evacuation in Canadian history, Royal Roads University asked Benjamin Morgan to return to the university to share his experience and lessons learned from the #YYCFlood 2013.
  • Benjamin Morgan presents “lessons learned” from (at the time) Canada’s costliest natural disaster and largest peace-time evacuation events #YYCFlood 2013 at Royal Roads University.
  • Calgary Mayor, Naheed Nenshi was instrumental in the approach and the tone of the crisis communications during the 2013 Calgary Floods. “If we know it, Calgarians need to know it.” We asked Mayor Nenshi to reflect on the crisis communications and importance of being authentic, especially during times of crisis.