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The Centre for Crisis & Risk Communications (CCRC) is passionate about helping organizations prepare for their next high-stress, high-concern event. If your organization has an existing crisis and/or risk communication plan (CCP), we would love to audit it for you.

An audit can give your organization a fresh perspective plus some new ideas. Ideally, every crisis and risk communication plan should be updated annually (at least). We can do that for you too. We will even incorporate some of our science-based crisis and risk communication tools into your plan to further support your organization.

If your organization is without a crisis and risk communication, no need to worry, we have created lots of them. We would be happy to create one specifically for you, Where appropriate, communications will support details outlined in your organization’s Business Continuity, Business Recovery, Emergency Management Program, and/or Emergency Response plans. We work with and have access to some of Canada’s top Emergency Management and Business Continuity planners. If required, we will put them to work for you as well.

Crisis Communication Plan “Health Checkup”

Having a “healthy” Crisis Communication plan is one way to increase your crisis communication success. Give your plan a quick “health checkup” by answering 20 Crisis Communication Plan questions. Our checkup is designed to stimulate  ideas and to provide suggestions, strengthening your organization’s Crisis Communication Plan and program.

Our checkup will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and will immediately display suggestions that you can consider including into your plan right away.

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Although not ideal, sometimes your organization may need help getting out of a jam. Have an issue brewing that requires strategic communications support? No problem, our team will work with your organization to create an Issues Management Plan (IMP). We can even help you with your IMP’s execution and ongoing monitoring.

The team at the CCRC would be pleased to support your organization.


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Tabletop exercises are a simple yet important tool to help test the effectiveness of developed plans. Further, tabletops can help your team become familiar with the contents of developed plans. Exercises are important for both operations and communications. They can be individual and/or combined involving your organization’s identified partners and key stakeholders. These
types of exercises focus on collaborative dialogue between members of your team and stakeholder participants.


Functional exercises are similar in nature to tabletop exercises. Rather than collaborative dialogue however, functional tabletops require your team members to actually respond as they would to an event, creating social media posts, media releases, internal communications, and other communication collateral.

We can even introduce and run a “simulation cell” to further elevate your team’s experience.

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