Our vision is that every organization is completely prepared to respond effectively to a crisis. The key to crisis (and risk) communication success is: anticipation, preparation, and practice.

If you organization is currently feeling stuck or has uncertainty on which step to take next, in your response to COVID-19 (or in general), we are pleased to offer a no-cost 30 minute consultation.

In this session, one of our consultants will work with you to help get you pointed in a helpful direction.

Many of us have been watching a plethora of press or media conferences. Some of those conferences are being judged by multiple audiences. In response to some of the conversations about press conferences, I wanted to share this - one of the best press conferences...

Grateful for the opportunity to participate in a Telephone Town Hall hosted by the Alberta Counsel. In this town hall, we explored municipal communications through: PLANNING FOR THE NEW NORMAL, Thank you to Benjamin Morgan, Doug Downs, of JGR Communications and Jackie Sargent. If you...

We were grateful for the opportunity to chat about "How to Craft Your Message During Crisis" with Bart Egnal of the Humphrey Group.